The Dossier Database

The Dossier Database is a College wide project developed by Martin Funches of Life Sciences Computing. The dossier database is, as the name implies, a repository for all faculty information related to faculty dossiers. Faculty web pages draw their information from this database as well. There is a web based editor available for faculty to use to edit and add to their dossier records.

This project will possibly be expanding to areas outside of the College. Currently the data in the dossier database is not shared with the ACCESS database, but hopefully it will be soon.

To update your faculty webpage, go to (there is a link to the editor on most department faculty page in the upper right hand corner).

You will have to do so using Internet Explorer (for PC), or Safari (for Mac).

You will need a UCLA Logon ID (formerly known as a “Bruin Online ID”). If you don’t have one already, go to: and click “Activate UCLA Logon ID” and then follow the instructions from there.

Additionally, if you are accessing this page for off campus you will need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can either use the UCLA VPN or the Life Sciences VPN

Once you have a UCLA Logon enter your username, password and select “UCLA Logon” for “ID Type”.