The Dossier Database

Editing Publications

As with most of the faculty web page editor, the publication section should be fairly straight forward to use. There are a few things to point out that will help you add to, and edit your publications.


1. click on the “publications” tab in the upper left side of the page

2. to add a new publication, click on “Add new publication”

3. to edit an existing publication click on the type of publication that you want to edit (“Published”, “Unpublished”, “Work-In-Progress”, etc.)


4. to edit an existing publication, click on the number next to the publication that you want to modify. If you want to post a pdf of your publication, AND YOU OWN THE COPYRIGHT, upload a copy of the pdf file and then enter the URL of the file in the space labeled “Publciation URL” (if you need help posting the file, please contact Grant)

5. faculty have the ability to select which publications they want to display on their faculty web page. To do so, click on the link near the top of the page that says “modify web profile”

6. on the “edit web profile page”, you can select or deselect which publications you want to display by checking the box next to the publication name”

7. after you have made your selections for your “web profile” click on the “update” button.