Applications Development

Life and Physical Sciences Database (LAPSDB)

This project utilizes the data from Accounting, Payroll and OCGA to generate financial reports that many departments use for day-to-day operations.  Project will be deprecated once LSIG-Query Builder and Report Bundler are fully functional.

Life Sciences Dossier

Life Sciences Dossier is utilized in the Division to generate actual formatted PDF data summaries that are used for a faculty member’s promotion case.  Deprecated once Opus officially converts the Division to new system.  Used by Life and Physical Sciences and SSOE departments.

Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences Database (CEILSDB)

CEILS has data that is used to generate the Tableau Dashboards.  We provide the space for its storage and maintenance.

Computer Lab Logins

CEILS has data that is used to generate the Tableau Dashboards.  We provide the space for its storage and maintenance.

Website Data

Data is made available for faculty websites.  Departments that use these data include MCIP, IBP, MCDB and IBP.  Data includes teaching record, publications, degrees, honors and research topic from LS Dossier.

Life Sciences Information Gateway

As the Division has access to a great deal of data, a website was started as a method of distributing the data to departments behind a web front end that is secured behind Shibboleth.   Started in October of 2015, the following modules have been coded and implemented:

  • Transfer of Funds Close Out-Tool: Used by fund managers to reduce the amount of time needed to calculate year-end closing records.
  • Report Bundler:   Used by fund managers to generate report bundles.  Bundles 6 reports together that previously were individually run in LAPSDB thus saving time needed for reporting.
  • Query Builder:  Adhoc reporting for Financial and Payroll data.
  • Student Reports:  Requires that user have FERPA training.  Users granted access to individual reports based on their function within their department.  Report groupings include 8 Year Review, College Administration, Graduate Program, Student Information and Undergraduate Program.
  • Payroll:  Combines PP QDB with UCPath data for reporting purposes.  Used by fund managers and payroll administrators for reporting of payroll expensed data as well as employee information.
  • Graduate Student Support:  Used by graduate programs in Psychology and EEB to track graduate funding support.  Users can generate funding model scenarios based on Departmental obligations and commitments to graduate students.
  • Space Management:  Used by Building Manager(s) to track exact space utilization.
  • Teaching Points Tracking:  Used by Psychology to monitor Faculty teaching over years ensuring that Departmental standards are achieved.

Web Services

Departmental Websites

We offer web development free of charge for departments and centers housed in the Division of Life Sciences. Our websites offer flexibility, UCLA branding, and substantial functionality through WordPress.

Faculty Lab Websites

Faculty with appointments in the Division of Life Sciences may request websites specifically for their labs. We offer different UCLA branded templates through WordPress at no cost.

Faculty who wish to use external website builders with a UCLA domain should consult with the Web Services team.

Digital Signage

Digital signage displays in our buildings are equipped with a content management system. To submit content for display, please complete our Digital Signage form.

Custom Web Development

In some cases, custom web development (non-departmental and non-lab websites) is available. Please reach out to our Web Services team for more information.