Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to any data that is not stored on your computer. There are many benefits to making use of a cloud storage system:

  • you have access to your files from multiple devices (desktop, notebook, smartphone, tablet)
  • server infrastructure reduces or eliminates the risk of data loss from hardware failure on theft
  • granular permissions and file sharing allow easy collaboration
  • web-based authoring tools allow creating or updating content without leaving your browser
  • backups and version retention protect against unintended data destruction
  • unlimited storage frees users from the restriction of the physical storage capacities of their devices

UCLA provides faculty, staff and students with Box and Google Drive access. The services have similar features, so for many users the choice is based on personal preference or the workflow culture of their team.

If you are currently paying for DropBox or another cloud service, it is likely that you can eliminate the cost of the service by moving your data to Box or Google Drive.

While cloud storage provides users with a great deal of protection against data loss, it is not a substitute for a sound backup strategy