Course Textbooks and Desk Copies

Instructors are able to order course textbooks online directly through ASUCLA Bookstore at at the beginning of each quarter each course in the following quarter. Submit all textbook requisitions by the “priority” deadline. Please visit the UCLA textbook requisition website to check on the status of each class’ textbook adoption. When adopting materials, please mark “reviewed.” This will route the requisition to the next step. If no materials will be adopted, please also mark “reviewed.”


Textbook and Desk Copy Due Dates

Fall Due June
Winter Due October
Spring Dues January
Summer Dues April

Desk Copies

The BioAdmin Scheduler, Ana Padilla, will be able to assist instructors with ordering desk copies. TA Desk Copies should be sent to her at with the following information:

  • Desk Copy Title
  • ISBN
  • Amount of Copies Needed
  • Course Subject & Number

Contact Information

If you are not able to log into UCLA Verba Collect directly to submit your textbook requisitions or have any questions, please contact Ana Padilla at or 310-825-1268 for assistance.