Printing and Copies

Copy Codes

Contact four weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter or Summer Session to receive copy codes that one would need to access the copiers for printing.


  • LS Mailroom (Room 3102, Access Code xxxxx)
  • TLSB Mailroom (Room 1015, Access Code xxx)
  • Hershey Hall Mailroom (Room 251, Access Code xxxxx)


Once Faculty receives the copy codes, please share copy codes with your TA(s) if they will be using them as well.


To operate the copiers:

  1. Enter your code (e.g. 19W123456789) into the User ID field. Please do NOT use the log in/out option.
  1. Press “Enter” to confirm these settings. Please don’t forget to retrieve ALL documents from the copy machine when you are done.

Contact Information

If you experience any technical issues with your codes or in the event of a copier malfunction, please contact Alberto Gonzalez (102 Hershey Hall, x53598) in order to resolve the issue expeditiously. Furthermore, please note that in the event of a malfunction the copier will continue where it left off once the error has been corrected. As a result, your documents will still be in the system and you will need to cancel the job in its entirety.

All other questions, including a request for copy codes, please email