Thunderbird on O365

    1. Launch Thunderbird, enter your email address in the “Email address:” field then click “Configure manually…” (see screenshot example below)

2. Enter “INCOMING” and “OUTGOING” details using the example below. For more details, see

3. Click “Re-test” to confirm your settings are working. “Authentication: Autodetect” should change to “Normal password”

4. Click “Done”

5. On the left column, click on your “Inbox” to download your email.


Apple Mail on O365

Set up O365 Account on Apple Mail:

Open Mail (Apple Mail) and select “Exchange”

Enter name, 365 sign-in credential, and password in the respective fields, then click “Sign In”

Select the apps you want to use with this account then click “Done”

If successful, your emails will begin syncing and will appear


Outlook for Mac: O365

Outlook for Mac: How to Connect to Your UCLA O365 Account

Launch Outlook:

If this is the first account being added, Outlook will immediately prompt to enter

account login ID. Account IDs are typically your Bruin ID followed by (e.g.,

If Outlook already has another account configured (e.g. another O365 account, Gmail,

or other), select Outlook -> Preferences -> Accounts from the menu bar.

Adding First Account:

Adding Subsequent Account:

Enter 365 account credentials

After entering a valid O365 account, the “UCLA OFFICE 365” prompt will appear. Make sure your O365 sign-in credentials are correct and enter your password.


Once the account has been added, either “Add Another Account” or select “Done”

Your emails should now appear in Outlook.

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