Terasaki Life Sciences Building, Room 1100 – Conference Policies and Guidelines

The Terasaki Life Sciences Building is not a conference facility. Use of our conference and scholarly activity rooms, as well as the provided equipment is a courtesy to faculty and administrative groups affiliated with the Life Sciences South Administration Department. There is no maintenance staff available during business hours to maintain these areas.

Room reservations are administered by:

Sheena Sanchez
UCLA Biology Group Chairs’ Office
120 Hershey Hall
Fax: 310.206.0484

Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm, unless otherwise noted

 Approximate maximum seating:

1100 TLSB-Conference Room, Seats up to 50 (theatre style)

Access to TLSB 1100

Room access for 1100 TLSB and 1020 TLSB is administered by:

Humberto Barba
1002 TLSB


TLSB conference rooms are strictly for meeting/event use and CANNOT be reserved for any courses or classes.

Failure to meet this above restriction will be means for discontinued usage of ANY TLSB conference/scholarly activity room.


** When scheduling room, please include any set up, prep, breakdown, and clean up time in your reservation time slot.  If these are not included in your reservation time slot, it is possible that the room may not be available or accessible.**

First priority for use of LSSA departmental conference rooms and scholarly activity rooms will be for LSSA departmental events (faculty meetings, special departmental seminar presentations, etc.)  As stated above, no courses or classes are allowed in any TLSB conference room or scholarly activity room.

In the event that the department has urgent need of the conference/scholarly activity room, the department may “bump” a scheduled group, and will provide as much prior warning as possible. Any group “bumped” will be responsible for finding an alternate meeting site.

The Terasaki Life Sciences Building Conference Room Guidelines can be revised at any given time and any changes made is up to the requester to be knowledgeable of all notes made in these guidelines.

All requests for 1100 TLSB must be made via the 1100 TLSB reservation request form.  If day and times are flexible, please add alternative specific dates and specific time blocks in the notes/comments section or in your email.

Please note that if you require a walk-through of the space, LSSA staff must be notified at least two days in advance.  Staff is not available for on the spot viewings as staff time may be limited and/or room availability.  Separate request form may also be required if walk-through time exceeds 10 minutes.

Each individual/group is therefore responsible for leaving the meeting facilities

  • clean and neat
  • free of food, trash, and the like
  • in the original configuration room was set-up upon entering room

Removing or rearranging the furniture from the standard configuration of conference/meeting style (all tables forming one large rectangle and chairs around it) is strictly prohibited. Requests to reconfigure conference room 1100 TLSB in any other set up must be requested at the time of your reservation.

No requests will be accepted for any other rooms.

If the room reconfiguration set-up is different from that of the standard configuration, and is approved prior to event by LSSA Chairs’ office, special configurations of furniture are the responsibility of the user, as is the return of the tables, chairs, etc. to their original setting.

Please note that Room Set Ups are required to be noted on the 1100 TLSB form, however, it is a courtesy for LSSA staff to reconfigure the room for you.  We cannot always accommodate requests made on the form.

If food is being provided for your event:

  1. Designate one person who will be in charge of setup and cleanup. Email this person’s contact information to either Grace Angus or Sheena Sanchez (please see administrators’ contacts) prior to your scheduled event.
  2. If food/beverage is being delivered/catered, designee MUST be at the conference room at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled delivery time to meet the delivery personnel
  3. NOTE: When scheduling room, please include delivery, serving, and clean up time in your reservation time slot.  If these are not included in your reservation time slot, it is possible that the room may not be available or accessible prior and/or after your reservation time
  4. All utensils and other catering materials must be provided by the caterer or the designee. LSSA Chairs’ Office will not provide coffee pots, serving utensils, or any other catering/meeting materials unless previously arranged and/or approved by LSSA Chairs’ Office
  5. Designee has full responsibility for cleanup immediately following the conclusion of their event.

This includes:

  • Removal of trash from trash receptacles. Replace each receptacle with a fresh liner found at the bottom of each trash can.  If no liners can be found in the trash can, please let Grace or Sheena know in an email.

Take filled trash bags to the trash compactor located at the loading dock (1005 TLSB) on the first floor of the Terasaki Life Sciences Building, off of the West Tower.  If loading dock area is closed, please deposit trash in any of the trashcans located in the TLSB courtyard.

  • Remove all leftover food and beverages from tables, and conference/scholarly activity room. Wipe down tabletops and remove crumbs/trash from chairs and/or carpeting.
  • Return tables, chairs, and/or A/V equipment to their original configuration.

Use of A/V:

All are strongly urged to schedule a time for a “practice run” or “set up” of their equipment prior to the event. A separate form may be requested for your practice run.

If you need technical assistance for usage of the monitor located in the room, please contact LSSA Computer support.

LSSA does not provide equipment. It is up to the requester to provide their own equipment, do their own set up, etc.

NOTE: “practice run” and/or “set up” time should be included at the time of your reservation time slot. If these are not included in your reservation time slot, it is possible that the room may not be available or accessible prior and/or after your reservation time. If requesting a practice run, a separate form may be requested.

Equipment provided:

1100 TLSB-Conference Room, Video Conferencing Capabilities, Television Screen, and Projection Screen


Reservations must be cancelled twenty-four (24) hours, prior to your scheduled event.  If reservations are cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled event, the LSSA Chair’s office reserves the right to refuse future reservation requests.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in restriction of future usage of the Terasaki Life Sciences Building Conference/Scholarly Activity Rooms.


Revised July 19, 2017