Course Scheduling

The course schedule is a collaborative effort between department SAOs/CAOs, Faculty, the Course Scheduler, and the Office of the Registrar. Departments work to compose the teaching plan for a given quarter based on budgets and student needs. Once the teaching plan is complete, it is then provided to the Course Scheduler. At that time, the Course Scheduler begins to work with faculty to collect all schedule details, all in adherence to Room Scheduling policy. Once all the schedule details have been gathered and a course schedule has been completed for each department, the course schedule is submitted to the Registrar’s Office for classroom placement and all other schedule finalizations so the course schedule(s) can be approved. The approved course schedule by the Registrar’s Office will then become available for student enrollment.

BioAdmin provides course scheduling services to the following seven departments:

For the Department of Life Sciences Core Education, please contact Lily Yanez ( in regards to course scheduling.

Additional Scheduling Resources

Schedule of Classes — Located on the Office of the Registrar’s website. Click here to find a list of courses offered for each term. Enrollment restrictions and notes can be found by clicking on the course ID #s for the individual courses.

UCLA General Catalog — Consists of all UCLA majors, course descriptions, and requisites and is published annually in PDF and HTML formats. All courses, course descriptions, instructor designations, curricular degree requirements, and fees described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. Consult this General Catalog for the most current, officially approved courses and curricula. For complete department and school address information, please reference the Campus Directory

UCLA Course Descriptions — Course descriptions are approved by the Academic Senate and maintained by the Registrar’s Office. To browse courses by subject area, click on the subject name. To search courses, enter keyword(s) in the field and click the search button. For more information on the organization of courses, visit the Course Numbering and Description Guide. To find past course descriptions, see the UCLA General Catalog Archive.

Schedule of Classes Department Proof (for administrative use only) — This report provides the raw schedule details for any given department. Note, this report can also be pulled in excel format for your convenience.

Instructions for finding the Department Proof via the Registrar’s web:

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Faculty & Staff’ at the top center.
  • Click on ‘Classrooms and Scheduling’ on the left.
  • Click on ‘Schedule of Classes Department Proof’ under ‘Schedule Proof’.
  • Log on.
  • Select term and department. Press ‘Get Proof’.

UCLA Classroom List — The UCLA classroom list gives information of classrooms.

UCLA Campus Colored Map — Campus building information and streets.

Annual Academic Calendar — Annual academic calendar is a summary, year at-a-glance calendar that includes term and instruction start and end dates, and holidays, through 2022-23.

Term Calendar — Term calendar shows detailed dates and deadlines by term. Download or print the calendar for easy reference.

Summer Session Calendar — Summer session schedules include the start and end dates of summer sessions A and C.

Final Exam Schedule — Final examination schedules include dates, times, and reference codes.

MyUCLA — Accessing MyUCLA allows one to enroll in courses, access your Degree Audit Report (DAR), update address and email address, declare expected term and allows instructors access to their course evaluations at the end of the quarter.

Office of the Registrar — For all other information, please visit the website of the UCLA Registrar’s Office.

Contact Information

For more information on Course Scheduling, please contact our BioAdmin Course Scheduler, Ana Padilla. She can be reached at or 310-825-1268.

Course Evaluations

Email Notices to Students and Instructors

Course Evaluations are conducted and managed by the CAT EIP Office. The EIP Office sends an email to students and instructors when the evaluation period begins. The email lists the specific course sections that are being evaluated and the deadline for students to submit their responses. When the evaluation period ends, the EIP Office sends instructors an email that will have a direct link to MyUCLA.

Please Note: Entering grades before the evaluation window closes prevents students from submitting further evaluations for that class.

For more information on the email notices both students and instructors receive, please view the Online Evaluation Email Notifications and Email Notices to Students and Instructors pages on the UCLA Center for the Advancement of Teaching website.


How Students Access to Online Evaluations

Students will receive an email from the EIP Office where it will have a direct link to MyUCLA. On MyUCLA, students are able to retrieve the evaluations by clicking on the Classes menu and then Evaluation of Instruction. For more information on how students can access the online evaluations, please visit Student Access to Online Evaluations.


How Instructors Access the Evaluation Reports

Once the evaluations begin, instructors are able to log in to MyUCLA to access the Classes page, where it will indicate if there are courses with online evaluations in progress. On the Evaluation of Instruction Reports page, they may view these reports any time after the evaluation period is closed and the grades for the class have been submitted on time.

Please Note: If grades for a class are submitted after the Gradebook due date, instructor(s) would need to obtain the evaluation reports from the Department’s Evaluation Coordinator, who is Ana Padilla. She can be reached at For more information on how instructors can access the online evaluations, please visit How Instructors Access the Evaluation Reports.


Contact Information

If you are not able to access your course evaluations or have any questions, please contact Ana Padilla at or 310-825-1268 for assistance or the EIP Office at or 310-825-6939. For more information regarding Evaluations of Instruction Program, please visit the UCLA Center for the Advancement of Teaching website.

Course Textbooks and Desk Copies

Instructors are able to order course textbooks online directly through ASUCLA Bookstore at at the beginning of each quarter each course in the following quarter. Submit all textbook requisitions by the “priority” deadline. Please visit the UCLA textbook requisition website to check on the status of each class’ textbook adoption. When adopting materials, please mark “reviewed.” This will route the requisition to the next step. If no materials will be adopted, please also mark “reviewed.”


Textbook and Desk Copy Due Dates

Fall Due June
Winter Due October
Spring Dues January
Summer Dues April

Desk Copies

The BioAdmin Scheduler, Ana Padilla, will be able to assist instructors with ordering desk copies. TA Desk Copies should be sent to her at with the following information:

  • Desk Copy Title
  • ISBN
  • Amount of Copies Needed
  • Course Subject & Number

Contact Information

If you are not able to log into UCLA Verba Collect directly to submit your textbook requisitions or have any questions, please contact Ana Padilla at or 310-825-1268 for assistance.

Printing and Copies

Copy Codes

Contact Ana Padilla at four weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter or Summer Session to receive copy codes that one would need to access the copiers for printing.


  • LS Mailroom (Room 3102, Access Code 2350)
  • TLSB Mailroom (Room 1015, Access Code 5101)
  • Hershey Hall Mailroom (Room 251, Access Code 56770#)


Once Faculty receives the copy codes from Ana Padilla, please share copy codes with your TA(s) if they will be using them as well.


To operate the copiers:

  1. Enter your code (e.g. 19W123456789) into the User ID field. Please do NOT use the log in/out option.
  1. Press “Enter” to confirm these settings. Please don’t forget to retrieve ALL documents from the copy machine when you are done.

Contact Information

If you experience any technical issues with your codes or in the event of a copier malfunction, please contact Alberto Gonzalez (102 Hershey Hall, x53598) in order to resolve the issue expeditiously. Furthermore, please note that in the event of a malfunction the copier will continue where it left off once the error has been corrected. As a result, your documents will still be in the system and you will need to cancel the job in its entirety.

All other questions, including a request for copy codes, please contact Ana Padilla at