Poster Printing

Our facility operates an HP DesgnJet T650 large format printer. It prints on glossy photo paper 36″ wide. If you are used to printing 42″ posters – please note that this equipment has been retired. One side of your poster cannot be longer than 36″.

We have the following requirements:

  • Posters must be received 2 business days in advance of pickup. The facility does not operate on the weekends, so, for example, Monday pickup will require a Thursday submission. We will no longer be able to print any posters that haven’t been received 48 hours in advance of pickup. We have been able to make exceptions in the past, but this is no longer feasible.
  • Posters must be submitted as PDFs.
  • Posters will be printed to the dimensions specified by the source file, as long as at least one dimension doesn’t exceed 36″. Alternate dimensions can be specified in the request form below, but they must reflect the same proportions as the submitted PDF.
  • Pre-paid posters (e.g. ROR, Venmo) will be left for pickup outside our office.
  • Payment-due posters (e.g. cash, check) require pickup times scheduled in advance with our staff.

Please do not prepare a P-39/ROR form. Recharges are processed online. If you provide your fund manager’s contact information and the appropriate FAU, Life Sciences Fund Management will contact them.

The cost of posters is $17 per linear foot, rounded up to the nearest foot.

Poster Printing FAQs

We prefer to print your poster in PDF format, please submit your file in pdf format so that all the colors will be accurate and will look exactly as you would want it to. Though we can print in other formats PDF is the best when it comes to printing with the accuracy of the CMYK color scheme.

We do not provide posters that are Laminated or UV Resistant

We do not provide poster tubes (you can purchased them at the student store, Fed Ex – Kinkos, Staples or Office Depot)

Q: Do You Print Posters on Cloth material?

A: Because we want to provide you with the best service at this time we do not print on cloth the only types of paper that we print on is semi-gloss or satin instant dry

Q: How long do your prints last

A: Our Prints are not meant to be a long lasting or permanent solution. Even though they look great they do not last long in any kind of direct light, over time it will fade, due to the fact that the ink we use is not UV resistant.

Q: What type of printers do you use for poster printing?

A: Currently we have 2 HP Designjet 800 Printers this helps us to deal with a high number of posters in considerably less time

Q: How much does it cost to print a poster?

A: The paper that we print on has a max width of 42 inches. Our price is $17 per linear foot, and we round up to the nearest foot. We have a large paper trimmer for posters less than 42″ wide.

Q: When and where can I pickup my poster:

A: You will be notified when the poster is ready for pickup outside 200 Hershey Hall. If you are paying with cash or check you’ll need to arrange to pay for the poster before retrieving it.