Contracts and Grants

Academic Senate Faculty Grants Program

This Academic Senate program supports individual research projects of eligible members of the Academic Senate with an average funding level per grant of $.1,500 to $.3,000 per fiscal year. General support categories include research assistance, purchase of research-specific equipment, retrographics, communications, expendable supplies, and field expenses. Of these categories, undergraduate and graduate student research assistance receive the highest priority for funding. There is only one request for proposals per year due on the first Friday in March. For more information or to obtain application forms, please contact the Council on Research at x53853, or see and select the Faculty Grants Program link.

Academic Senate Faculty Conference Travel Grants

This Academic Senate program supports travel for presentation of original research results and is normally limited to meetings or conferences of recognized scholarly societies, both domestic and overseas. Applications can be made to the Academic Senate for one trip a year to present a paper at a symposium hosted by a nationally recognized, multi-university academic organization.

This program only funds airfare. The Council on Research must receive applications for support from this program at least 10 days prior to the start of the conference or meeting, with no exception made to the deadline requirement. Applications are available in each departmental business office. For further information on this program and application procedures, please contact the Council on Research/Travel Division at x62070, or see and select the Travel Grants Program link. See also PROCUREMENT, TRAVEL.

Animal Use Certification

ARC (The Chancellor’s Animal Research Committee) policy mandates that all principal investigators, as well as all personnel having direct contact with live vertebrate animals, must obtain ARC certification prior to initiating work with laboratory animals. For detailed information on who must be certified or to inquire about the certification status of personnel, please call the ARC office at 310-206-6308. More information is available at See also RESEARCH SUBJECT REGULATIONS.

Contract And Grant Management

Each departmental Accounting office will assist the principal investigators associated with the department in spending and managing the funds received. This assistance includes review of budgets prior to submission of proposals, setup of funded awards, review of expenditures for allowability and availability of funds, tracking and reporting on expenditures for payroll, materials equipment, and indirect costs, and closeout of the award.

Human Subject Regulations

The UCLA Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects. More information is available at Also see RESEARCH SUBJECT REGULATIONS.

Intercampus Exchange Program For Faculty

This program of the Faculty Senate provides limited support to faculty and advanced graduate students for study and research on other campuses of the University of California. Grants may be made to assist with travel, living expenses and research costs. Applications are made to the Academic Senate Council on Research in letter form, indicating the following: description of the research project, campus to be visited, dates of travel, number of days involved, estimate of expenses. The applicant and the department chair must both sign the letter of request. Graduate students must be traveling to accompany and assist eligible faculty on a research project. For further information about this program, please call the Council on Research/Travel Division at x62070, or see

Research Subject Regulations

The Office for Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) serves as the administrative arm for federally mandated compliance committees responsible for reviewing all research protocols that involve the use of human and animal subjects. Charged with implementing University policies that are based on federal regulations and State laws, the committees are composed of faculty, community representatives, and consultants representing special subject populations. The committees work in partnership with OPRS to maintain the federal assurances that govern the use of human and animal subjects in research conducted by UCLA investigators and students, handle special problems, and participate in audits. For more information, see See also ANIMAL USE CERTIFICATION and HUMAN SUBJECT REGULATIONS.


Information about all of the following procurement methods may also be obtained by accessing and selecting Buying under the Business Services menu.


BruinBuy is a web-based program that facilitates shopping for office and laboratory materials over the Internet. A number of vendors, such as Office Depot, Fisher Scientific and so on have placed their catalogues into the program with UCLA-negotiated prices, while others may be found by accessing other vendors’ online catalogues. Access to BruinBuy is normally limited to administrative staff and some laboratory supervisors. Once an order is initiated in BruinBuy, the remainder of the purchasing process proceeds normally, as described below under PURCHASING.


The University permits staff and faculty to hold a special credit card called a Procard for purposes of obtaining materials for research or teaching, where the vendor does not accept purchase orders or the time delay is unacceptable. Travel and dining out are not permitted on this card, as are certain other controlled commodities. For more information, see your fund manager.


A Life Sciences South Order Form, signed by a principal investigator or his/her designee, should be sent or brought to your fund manager. The form must include instruction to the fund manager regarding which source of funds to use. Your fund manager will approve your request for allowability and availability of funds, and then the team’s purchasing specialist will create a vendor-approved order in the Purchasing/Account Payable system (PAC) and place the order with the vendor. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing; exceptions will be made for urgent orders.


A reimbursement form may be obtained from your departmental accounting office. This form should be completely filled out and receipts should be taped to a full sheet of paper and attached to this form. As with Purchasing, you must designate the source of funds, and your fund manager will approve the request for allowability and availability of funds. Reimbursement generally takes a minimum of two weeks to be processed by Accounts Payable and will be deposited directly to the recipient’s Surepay account; the accompanying Surepay statement documents that the check is reimbursement and not taxable income.


Official travel must be authorized and must follow University travel regulations. See your departmental fund manager. All expenses must be accounted for and documented with receipts within ten days of return by submitting a Travel Expense Voucher. Transportation tickets charged more than 30 days in advance of a trip may be reimbursed prior to the actual trip date. The University does not reimburse Collision Damage Waiver, Personal Accident and Personal Effects Insurance on rental cars. See also ACADEMIC SENATE FACULTY CONFERENCE TRAVEL GRANTS.