Life Sciences Administration Computing Staff

Director and CITO

Dave Margolis Director and CITO 331 Hershey Hall 310-794-9326

Network / Systems Services

Derek Igarta Network/Systems Services Manager 300 Hershey Hall 310-206-4824

Daniel Davila Network/Communications Specialist 1320 Life Sciences Bldg 310-206-3758
Marcello Giannoni Systems Infrastructure Engineer 204 Hershey Hall 310-206-6200
Leila Montero Network/Systems Services Administrator 210 Hershey Hall 310-825-7638

Application and Web Development Services

Martin Funches Application and Web Development Services Manager 268 Hershey Hall 310-825-6152
Grant Alkin Web Developer 206 Hershey Hall 310-206-1748
Mariam Moattari Web Developer 310-825-5690
Facile Retta Applications Developer 264 Hershey Hall 310-794-4181
Yun Shen Applications Developer 264 Hershey Hall 310-825-8564
Andrew Tran Web Services Supervisor 204 Hershey Hall 310-825-5322

Computing Services Manager

Jonathan Rodgers Computing Services Manager 205 Hershey Hall 310-206-0049

Desktop Support
Hamoudeh AbuMalhi Desktop Support Analyst 3351A Psychology Bldg 310-825-5150
Tom Carpio Desktop Support Analyst 200 Hershey Hall 310-206-4042
Mike Davis Desktop Support Analyst 200 Hershey Hall 310-206-4665
Hugo Limón Desktop Support Analyst 3226A Franz Hall 310-825-4634
Raymond Yamauchi Desktop Support Supervisor 200 Hershey Hall 310-206-0858

Instructional Computing
Kristin Hartman Instructional Website Administrator 310-794-9177
Michael Jeon Instructional Lab Coordinator 3351B Psychology Bldg 310-794-4769
Aaron Stamper Instructional Website Administrator 310-825-5773
LMS Team Online Course Support Hershey Hall